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 * This file has been modified for the cdrkit suite.
 * The behaviour and appearence of the program code below can differ to a major
 * extent from the version distributed by the original author(s).
 * For details, see Changelog file distributed with the cdrkit package. If you
 * received this file from another source then ask the distributing person for
 * a log of modifications.

/* @(#)genisoimage.h    1.95 05/05/01 joerg */
 * Header file genisoimage.h - assorted structure definitions and typecasts.
 * Written by Eric Youngdale (1993).
 * Copyright 1993 Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
 * Copyright (c) 1999,2000-2003 J. Schilling
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
 * any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

/* APPLE_HYB James Pearson j.pearson@ge.ucl.ac.uk 23/2/2000 */


#include <mconfig.h>    /* Must be before stdio.h for LARGEFILE support */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <statdefs.h>
#include <stdxlib.h>
#include <unixstd.h>    /* Needed for for LARGEFILE support */
#include <strdefs.h>
#include <dirdefs.h>
#include <utypes.h>
#include <standard.h>
#include <libport.h>
#include "scsi.h"
#include "jte.h"

#ifdef      DVD_VIDEO
#ifndef     UDF
#define     UDF

 * XXX Hack until fseeko()/ftello() are available everywhere or until
 * XXX we know a secure way to let autoconf ckeck for fseeko()/ftello()
 * XXX without defining FILE_OFFSETBITS to 64 in confdefs.h
#     define      fseek fseeko
#     define      ftell ftello

#ifndef     HAVE_LSTAT
#ifndef     VMS
#define     lstat stat

#include "iso9660.h"
#include "defaults.h"
#include <unls.h>

extern struct unls_table *in_nls;   /* input UNICODE conversion table */
extern struct unls_table *out_nls;  /* output UNICODE conversion table */
extern struct unls_table *hfs_inls; /* input HFS UNICODE conversion table */
extern struct unls_table *hfs_onls; /* output HFS UNICODE conversion table */

#ifdef APPLE_HYB
#include "mactypes.h"
#include "hfs.h"

struct hfs_info {
      unsigned char     finderinfo[32];
      char        name[HFS_MAX_FLEN + 1];
      /* should have fields for dates here as well */
      char        *keyname;
      struct hfs_info *next;

#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */

struct directory_entry {
      struct directory_entry *next;
      struct directory_entry *jnext;
      struct iso_directory_record isorec;
      unsigned int      starting_block;
      off_t       size;
      unsigned short    priority;
      unsigned char     jreclen;    /* Joliet record len */
      char        *name;
      char        *table;
      char        *whole_name;
      struct directory *filedir;
      struct directory_entry *parent_rec;
      unsigned int      de_flags;
      ino_t       inode;            /* Used in the hash table */
      dev_t       dev;        /* Used in the hash table */
      unsigned char     *rr_attributes;
      unsigned int      rr_attr_size;
      unsigned int      total_rr_attr_size;
      unsigned int      got_rr_name;
#ifdef APPLE_HYB
      struct directory_entry *assoc;      /* entry has a resource fork */
      hfsdirent   *hfs_ent;   /* HFS parameters */
      off_t       hfs_off;    /* offset to real start of fork */
      int         hfs_type;   /* type of HFS Unix file */
#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */
#ifdef SORTING
      int         sort;       /* sort weight for entry */
#endif /* SORTING */
#ifdef UDF
      int         udf_file_entry_sector;  /* also used as UDF unique ID */
    uint64_t realsize;

struct file_hash {
      struct file_hash *next;
      ino_t       inode;            /* Used in the hash table */
      dev_t       dev;        /* Used in the hash table */
      nlink_t           nlink;            /* Used to compute new link count */
      unsigned int      starting_block;
      off_t       size;
#ifdef SORTING
      struct directory_entry *de;
#endif /* SORTING */

 * This structure is used to control the output of fragments to the cdrom
 * image.  Everything that will be written to the output image will eventually
 * go through this structure.   There are two pieces - first is the sizing where
 * we establish extent numbers for everything, and the second is when we actually
 * generate the contents and write it to the output image.
 * This makes it trivial to extend genisoimage to write special things in the image.
 * All you need to do is hook an additional structure in the list, and the rest
 * works like magic.
 * The three passes each do the following:
 * The 'size' pass determines the size of each component and assigns the extent number
 * for that component.
 * The 'generate' pass will adjust the contents and pointers as required now that extent
 * numbers are assigned.  In some cases, the contents of the record are also generated.
 * The 'write' pass actually writes the data to the disc.
struct output_fragment {
      struct output_fragment *of_next;
      int         (*of_size)(int);
      int         (*of_generate)(void);
      int         (*of_write)(FILE *);
      char        *of_name;               /* Textual description */
      unsigned int      of_start_extent;        /* For consist check */

extern struct output_fragment *out_list;
extern struct output_fragment *out_tail;

extern struct output_fragment startpad_desc;
extern struct output_fragment voldesc_desc;
extern struct output_fragment xvoldesc_desc;
extern struct output_fragment joliet_desc;
extern struct output_fragment torito_desc;
extern struct output_fragment end_vol;
extern struct output_fragment version_desc;
extern struct output_fragment pathtable_desc;
extern struct output_fragment jpathtable_desc;
extern struct output_fragment dirtree_desc;
extern struct output_fragment dirtree_clean;
extern struct output_fragment jdirtree_desc;
extern struct output_fragment extension_desc;
extern struct output_fragment files_desc;
extern struct output_fragment interpad_desc;
extern struct output_fragment endpad_desc;
extern struct output_fragment sunboot_desc;
extern struct output_fragment sunlabel_desc;
extern struct output_fragment genboot_desc;
extern struct output_fragment strfile_desc;
extern struct output_fragment strdir_desc;
extern struct output_fragment strpath_desc;
extern struct output_fragment alphaboot_desc;
extern struct output_fragment hppaboot_desc;
extern struct output_fragment alpha_hppa_boot_desc;
extern struct output_fragment mipsboot_desc;
extern struct output_fragment mipselboot_desc;

#ifdef APPLE_HYB
extern struct output_fragment hfs_desc;

#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */
#ifdef DVD_VIDEO
 * This structure holds the information necessary to create a valid
 * DVD-Video image. Basically it's how much to pad the files so the
 * file offsets described in the video_ts.ifo and vts_xx_0.ifo are
 * the correct one in the image that we create.
typedef struct {
      int   realsize_ifo;
      int   realsize_menu;
      int   realsize_bup;
      int   size_ifo;
      int   size_menu;
      int   size_title;
      int   size_bup;
      int   pad_ifo;
      int   pad_menu;
      int   pad_title;
      int   pad_bup;
      int   number_of_vob_files;
      int   realsize_vob[10];
} title_set_t;

typedef struct {
      int         num_titles;
      title_set_t *title_set;
} title_set_info_t;
#endif /* DVD_VIDEO */

 * This structure describes one complete directory.  It has pointers
 * to other directories in the overall tree so that it is clear where
 * this directory lives in the tree, and it also must contain pointers
 * to the contents of the directory.  Note that subdirectories of this
 * directory exist twice in this stucture.  Once in the subdir chain,
 * and again in the contents chain.
struct directory {
      struct directory *next;       /* Next directory at same level as this one */
      struct directory *subdir;     /* First subdirectory in this directory */
      struct directory *parent;
      struct directory_entry *contents;
      struct directory_entry *jcontents;
      struct directory_entry *self;
      char        *whole_name;      /* Entire path */
      char        *de_name;   /* Entire path */
      unsigned int      ce_bytes;   /* Number of bytes of CE entries read */
                              /* for this dir */
      unsigned int      depth;
      unsigned int      size;
      unsigned int      extent;
      unsigned int      jsize;
      unsigned int      jextent;
      unsigned int      path_index;
      unsigned int      jpath_index;
      unsigned short    dir_flags;
      unsigned short    dir_nlink;
#ifdef APPLE_HYB
      hfsdirent   *hfs_ent;   /* HFS parameters */
      struct hfs_info   *hfs_info;  /* list of info for all entries in dir */
#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */
#ifdef SORTING
      int         sort;       /* sort weight for child files */
#endif /* SORTING */

struct deferred_write {
      struct deferred_write *next;
      char        *table;
      unsigned int      extent;
      off_t       size;
      char        *name;
      struct directory_entry *s_entry;
      unsigned int      pad;
      off_t       off;

struct eltorito_boot_entry_info {
      struct eltorito_boot_entry_info *next;
      char        *boot_image;
      int         not_bootable;
      int         no_emul_boot;
      int         hard_disk_boot;
      int         boot_info_table;
      int         load_size;
      int         load_addr;

extern int  goof;
extern struct directory *root;
extern struct directory *reloc_dir;
extern unsigned int next_extent;
extern unsigned int last_extent;
extern unsigned int last_extent_written;
extern unsigned int session_start;

extern unsigned int path_table_size;
extern unsigned int path_table[4];
extern unsigned int path_blocks;
extern char *path_table_l;
extern char *path_table_m;

extern unsigned int jpath_table_size;
extern unsigned int jpath_table[4];
extern unsigned int jpath_blocks;
extern char *jpath_table_l;
extern char *jpath_table_m;

extern struct iso_directory_record root_record;
extern struct iso_directory_record jroot_record;

extern int  check_oldnames;
extern int  check_session;
extern int  use_eltorito;
extern int  hard_disk_boot;
extern int  not_bootable;
extern int  no_emul_boot;
extern int  load_addr;
extern int  load_size;
extern int  boot_info_table;
extern int  use_RockRidge;
extern int  osecsize;
extern int  use_XA;
extern int  use_Joliet;
extern int  rationalize;
extern int  rationalize_uid;
extern int  rationalize_gid;
extern int  rationalize_filemode;
extern int  rationalize_dirmode;
extern uid_t      uid_to_use;
extern gid_t      gid_to_use;
extern int  filemode_to_use;
extern int  dirmode_to_use;
extern int  new_dir_mode;
extern int  follow_links;
extern int  cache_inodes;
extern int  verbose;
extern int  debug;
extern int  gui;
extern int  all_files;
extern int  generate_tables;
extern int  print_size;
extern int  split_output;
extern int  use_graft_ptrs;
extern int  jhide_trans_tbl;
extern int  hide_rr_moved;
extern int  omit_period;
extern int  omit_version_number;
extern int  no_rr;
extern int  transparent_compression;
extern Uint RR_relocation_depth;
extern int  iso9660_level;
extern int  iso9660_namelen;
extern int  full_iso9660_filenames;
extern int  relaxed_filenames;
extern int  allow_lowercase;
extern int  allow_multidot;
extern int  iso_translate;
extern int  allow_leading_dots;
extern int  use_fileversion;
extern int  split_SL_component;
extern int  split_SL_field;
extern char *trans_tbl;
char        *outfile;

#define     JMAX        64    /* maximum Joliet file name length (spec) */
#define     JLONGMAX    103   /* out of spec Joliet file name length */
extern int  jlen;       /* selected maximum Joliet file name length */

#ifdef DVD_VIDEO
extern int  dvd_video;
#endif /* DVD_VIDEO */

#ifdef APPLE_HYB
extern int  apple_hyb;  /* create HFS hybrid */
extern int  apple_ext;  /* use Apple extensions */
extern int  apple_both; /* common flag (for above) */
extern int  hfs_extra;  /* extra ISO extents (hfs_ce_size) */
extern hce_mem    *hce;       /* libhfs/genisoimage extras */
extern int  use_mac_name;     /* use Mac name for ISO9660/Joliet/RR */
extern int  create_dt;  /* create the Desktp files */
extern char *hfs_boot_file;   /* name of HFS boot file */
extern char *magic_filename;  /* magic file for CREATOR/TYPE matching */
extern int  hfs_last;   /* order in which to process map/magic files */
extern char *deftype;   /* default Apple TYPE */
extern char *defcreator;      /* default Apple CREATOR */
extern int  gen_pt;           /* generate HFS partition table */
extern char *autoname;  /* Autostart filename */
extern int  afe_size;   /* Apple File Exchange block size */
extern char *hfs_volume_id;   /* HFS volume ID */
extern int  icon_pos;   /* Keep Icon position */
extern int  hfs_lock;   /* lock HFS volume (read-only) */
extern char *hfs_bless; /* name of folder to 'bless' (System Folder) */
extern char *hfs_parms; /* low level HFS parameters */

#define     MAP_LAST    1     /* process magic then map file */
#define     MAG_LAST    2     /* process map then magic file */

#ifndef PREP_BOOT
#define     PREP_BOOT
#endif      /* PREP_BOOT */

#ifdef PREP_BOOT
extern char *prep_boot_image[4];
extern int  use_prep_boot;
extern int  use_chrp_boot;

#endif      /* PREP_BOOT */
#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */

#ifdef SORTING
extern int  do_sort;
#endif /* SORTING */

/* tree.c */
extern int stat_filter(char *, struct stat *);
extern int lstat_filter(char *, struct stat *);
extern int sort_tree(struct directory *);
extern struct directory *
find_or_create_directory(struct directory *, const char *,
                   struct directory_entry *self,
                   struct stat *stat_template);
extern void finish_cl_pl_entries(void);
extern int  scan_directory_tree(struct directory *this_dir, char *path,
                                                              struct directory_entry *self);

#ifdef APPLE_HYB
extern int  insert_file_entry(struct directory *, char *, char *, int);
extern int  insert_file_entry(struct directory *, char *, char *);
#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */

extern void generate_iso9660_directories(struct directory *, FILE *);
extern void dump_tree(struct directory * node);
extern struct directory_entry *
search_tree_file(struct directory * node, char *filename);
extern void update_nlink_field(struct directory * node);
extern void init_fstatbuf(void);
extern struct stat root_statbuf;
extern struct stat fstatbuf;

/* eltorito.c */
extern void init_boot_catalog(const char *path);
extern void insert_boot_cat(void);
extern void get_boot_entry(void);
extern void new_boot_entry(void);

/* boot.c */
extern void sparc_boot_label(char *label);
extern void sunx86_boot_label(char *label);
extern void scan_sparc_boot(char *files);
extern void scan_sunx86_boot(char *files);
extern int make_sun_label(void);
extern int make_sunx86_label(void);

/* boot-alpha.c */
extern int add_boot_alpha_filename(char *filename);

/* boot-hppa.c */
extern int add_boot_hppa_cmdline(char *cmdline);
extern int add_boot_hppa_kernel_32(char *filename);
extern int add_boot_hppa_kernel_64(char *filename);
extern int add_boot_hppa_bootloader(char *filename);
extern int add_boot_hppa_ramdisk(char *filename);

/* boot-mips.c */
extern int add_boot_mips_filename(char *filename);

/* boot-mipsel.c */
extern int add_boot_mipsel_filename(char *filename);

/* rsync.c */
extern unsigned long long rsync64(unsigned char *mem, size_t size);

/* write.c */
extern int get_731(char *);
extern int get_732(char *);
extern int get_733(char *);
extern int isonum_733(unsigned char *);
extern void set_723(char *, unsigned int);
extern void set_731(char *, unsigned int);
extern void set_721(char *, unsigned int);
extern void set_733(char *, unsigned int);
extern int sort_directory(struct directory_entry **, int);
extern void generate_one_directory(struct directory *, FILE *);
extern void memcpy_max(char *, char *, int);
extern int oneblock_size(int starting_extent);
extern struct iso_primary_descriptor vol_desc;
extern void xfwrite(void *buffer, int size, int count, FILE *file, int submode,
                                      BOOL islast);
extern void set_732(char *pnt, unsigned int i);
extern void set_722(char *pnt, unsigned int i);
extern void outputlist_insert(struct output_fragment * frag);

#ifdef APPLE_HYB
extern Ulong get_adj_size(int Csize);
extern int adj_size(int Csize, int start_extent, int extra);
extern void adj_size_other(struct directory * dpnt);
extern int insert_padding_file(int size);
extern int gen_mac_label(struct deferred_write *);

#ifdef PREP_BOOT
extern void gen_prepboot_label(unsigned char *);

#endif      /* PREP_BOOT */
#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */

/* multi.c */

extern FILE *in_image;
extern int open_merge_image(char *path);
extern int close_merge_image(void);
extern struct iso_directory_record *
merge_isofs(char *path);
extern unsigned char    *parse_xa(unsigned char *pnt, int *lenp,
                                                             struct directory_entry *dpnt);
extern int  rr_flags(struct iso_directory_record *idr);
extern int merge_previous_session(struct directory *, 
                                                                   struct iso_directory_record *, 
                                                                   char *, char *);
extern int get_session_start(int *);

/* joliet.c */
#ifdef      UDF
#   ifdef USE_ICONV
extern      size_t      convert_to_unicode      (unsigned char *buffer,
                  int size, char *source, struct unls_table *inls);
#   else
extern      void  convert_to_unicode      (unsigned char *buffer,
                  int size, char *source, struct unls_table *inls);
#   endif
extern      int   joliet_strlen     (const char *string, struct unls_table *inls);
extern unsigned char conv_charset(unsigned char, struct unls_table *,
                                                                   struct unls_table *);
extern int joliet_sort_tree(struct directory * node);

/* match.c */
extern int matches(char *);
extern int add_match(char *);

/* files.c */
struct dirent     *readdir_add_files(char **, char *, DIR *);

/* name.c */

extern void iso9660_check(struct iso_directory_record *idr, 
                                                  struct directory_entry *ndr);
extern int iso9660_file_length(const char *name, 
                                                             struct directory_entry *sresult, int flag);

/* various */
extern int iso9660_date(char *, time_t);
extern void add_hash(struct directory_entry *);
extern struct file_hash *find_hash(dev_t, ino_t);

extern void flush_hash(void);
extern void add_directory_hash(dev_t, ino_t);
extern struct file_hash *find_directory_hash(dev_t, ino_t);
extern void flush_file_hash(void);
extern int delete_file_hash(struct directory_entry *);
extern struct directory_entry *find_file_hash(char *);
extern void add_file_hash(struct directory_entry *);

extern int  generate_xa_rr_attributes(char *, char *, struct directory_entry *,
                                                                          struct stat *, struct stat *, 
                                                                          int deep_flag);
extern char *generate_rr_extension_record(char *id, char *descriptor,
                                                                                    char *source, int *size);

extern int  check_prev_session(struct directory_entry **, int len, 
                                                             struct directory_entry *, struct stat *,
                                                             struct stat *, struct directory_entry **);

extern void match_cl_re_entries(void);
extern void finish_cl_pl_for_prev_session(void);
extern char *find_rr_attribute(unsigned char *pnt, int len, char *attr_type);

#ifdef APPLE_HYB
/* volume.c */
extern int make_mac_volume(struct directory * dpnt, int start_extent);
extern int write_fork(hfsfile * hfp, long tot);

/* apple.c */

extern void del_hfs_info(struct hfs_info *);
extern int get_hfs_dir(char *, char *, struct directory_entry *);
extern int get_hfs_info(char *, char *, struct directory_entry *);
extern int get_hfs_rname(char *, char *, char *);
extern int hfs_exclude(char *);
extern void print_hfs_info(struct directory_entry *);
extern void hfs_init(char *, unsigned short, unsigned int);
extern void delete_rsrc_ent(struct directory_entry *);
extern void clean_hfs(void);
extern void perr(char *);
extern void set_root_info(char *);

/* desktop.c */

extern int make_desktop(hfsvol *, int);

/* mac_label.c */

#ifdef      _MAC_LABEL_H
#ifdef PREP_BOOT
extern void gen_prepboot_label(MacLabel * mac_label);
extern int  gen_mac_label(defer *);
extern int  autostart(void);

/* libfile */

extern char *get_magic_match(const char *);
extern void clean_magic(void);

#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */

extern char *extension_record;
extern int  extension_record_extent;
extern int  n_data_extents;

 * These are a few goodies that can be specified on the command line, and are
 * filled into the root record
extern char *preparer;
extern char *publisher;
extern char *copyright;
extern char *biblio;
extern char *abstract;
extern char *appid;
extern char *volset_id;
extern char *system_id;
extern char *volume_id;
extern char *boot_catalog;
extern char *boot_image;
extern char *genboot_image;
extern int  ucs_level;
extern int  volume_set_size;
extern int  volume_sequence_number;

extern struct eltorito_boot_entry_info *first_boot_entry;
extern struct eltorito_boot_entry_info *last_boot_entry;
extern struct eltorito_boot_entry_info *current_boot_entry;

extern char *findgequal(char *);
extern void *e_malloc(size_t);

 * Note: always use these macros to avoid problems.
 * ISO_ROUND_UP(X)      may cause an integer overflow and thus give
 *                incorrect results. So avoid it if possible.
 * ISO_BLOCKS(X)  is overflow safe. Prefer this when ever it is possible.
#define     SECTOR_SIZE (2048)
#define     ISO_ROUND_UP(X)   (((X) + (SECTOR_SIZE - 1)) & ~(SECTOR_SIZE - 1))
#define     ISO_BLOCKS(X)     (((X) / SECTOR_SIZE) + (((X)%SECTOR_SIZE)?1:0))

#define     ROUND_UP(X, Y)    (((X + (Y - 1)) / Y) * Y)

#ifdef APPLE_HYB
 * ISO blocks == 2048, HFS blocks == 512

#define     HFS_ROUND_UP(X)   ISO_ROUND_UP(((X)*HFS_BLOCKSZ))     /* XXX ??? */
#define     HFS_BLOCKS(X)     (ISO_BLOCKS(X) * HFS_BLK_CONV)

#define     USE_MAC_NAME(E)   (use_mac_name && ((E)->hfs_ent != NULL) && (E)->hfs_type)
#endif      /* APPLE_HYB */

 * Rock Ridge defines
#define     NEED_RE           1     /* Need Relocated Direcotry   */
#define     NEED_PL           2     /* Need Parent link           */
#define     NEED_CL           4     /* Need Child link            */
#define     NEED_CE           8     /* Need Continuation Area     */
#define     NEED_SP           16    /* Need SUSP record           */

#define     RR_FLAG_PX  1     /* POSIX attributes           */
#define     RR_FLAG_PN  2     /* POSIX device number        */
#define     RR_FLAG_SL  4     /* Symlink              */
#define     RR_FLAG_NM  8     /* Alternate Name       */
#define     RR_FLAG_CL  16    /* Child link                 */
#define     RR_FLAG_PL  32    /* Parent link                */
#define     RR_FLAG_RE  64    /* Relocated Direcotry        */
#define     RR_FLAG_TF  128   /* Time stamp                 */

#define     RR_FLAG_SP  1024  /* SUSP record                */
#define     RR_FLAG_AA  2048  /* Apple Signature record     */
#define     RR_FLAG_XA  4096  /* XA signature record        */

#define     RR_FLAG_CE  8192  /* SUSP Continuation aerea    */
#define     RR_FLAG_ER  16384 /* Extension record for RR signature */
#define     RR_FLAG_RR  32768 /* RR Signature in every file */
#define     RR_FLAG_ZF  65535 /* Linux compression extension      */

#define     PREV_SESS_DEV     (sizeof (dev_t) >= 4 ? 0x7ffffffd : 0x7ffd)
#define     TABLE_INODE (sizeof (ino_t) >= 4 ? 0x7ffffffe : 0x7ffe)
#define     UNCACHED_INODE    (sizeof (ino_t) >= 4 ? 0x7fffffff : 0x7fff)
#define     UNCACHED_DEVICE   (sizeof (dev_t) >= 4 ? 0x7fffffff : 0x7fff)

#ifdef VMS
#define     STAT_INODE(X)     (X.st_ino[0])
#define     PATH_SEPARATOR    ']'
#define     SPATH_SEPARATOR   ""
#define     STAT_INODE(X)     (X.st_ino)
#define     PATH_SEPARATOR    '/'
#define     SPATH_SEPARATOR   "/"

 * When using multi-session, indicates that we can reuse the
 * TRANS.TBL information for this directory entry. If this flag
 * is set for all entries in a directory, it means we can just
 * reuse the TRANS.TBL and not generate a new one.
#define     SAFE_TO_REUSE_TABLE_ENTRY  0x01           /* de_flags only  */
#define     DIR_HAS_DOT          0x02           /* dir_flags only */
#define     DIR_HAS_DOTDOT             0x04           /* dir_flags only */
#define     INHIBIT_JOLIET_ENTRY       0x08
#define     INHIBIT_RR_ENTRY     0x10           /* not used   */
#define     RELOCATED_DIRECTORY        0x20           /* de_flags only  */
#define     INHIBIT_ISO9660_ENTRY      0x40
#define     MEMORY_FILE          0x80           /* de_flags only  */
#define     HIDDEN_FILE          0x100    /* de_flags only  */
#define     DIR_WAS_SCANNED            0x200    /* dir_flags only */

 * Volume sequence number to use in all of the iso directory records.
#define     DEF_VSN           1

 * Make sure we have a definition for this.  If not, take a very conservative
 * guess.
 * POSIX requires the max pathname component lenght to be defined in limits.h
 * If variable, it may be undefined. If undefined, there should be
 * a definition for _POSIX_NAME_MAX in limits.h or in unistd.h
 * As _POSIX_NAME_MAX is defined to 14, we cannot use it.
 * XXX Eric's wrong comment:
 * XXX From what I can tell SunOS is the only one with this trouble.
#ifdef      HAVE_LIMITS_H
#include <limits.h>
#ifndef NAME_MAX
#define     NAME_MAX    FILENAME_MAX
#define     NAME_MAX    256

#ifndef PATH_MAX
#define     PATH_MAX    FILENAME_MAX
#define     PATH_MAX    1024

 * XXX JS: Some structures have odd lengths!
 * Some compilers (e.g. on Sun3/mc68020) padd the structures to even length.
 * For this reason, we cannot use sizeof (struct iso_path_table) or
 * sizeof (struct iso_directory_record) to compute on disk sizes.
 * Instead, we use offsetof(..., name) and add the name size.
 * See iso9660.h
#ifndef     offsetof
#define     offsetof(TYPE, MEMBER)  ((size_t) &((TYPE *)0)->MEMBER)

 * EB: various shared stuff
extern char       *merge_warn_msg;

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